Basque Cheesecake!

We are now selling Our Fermented Honey Basque Cheesecake by the slice or Pre-Order it whole for the whole family to Enjoy!

this is a dessert too good to miss out on, it was meant to be for our new menu after lock-down, but we thought everyone deserves a piece of heaven to help them through these tough times, nothing a yummy slice of cheesecake cant fix!



Hear, Hear!!!! The BANOFEE PIE IS BACK!!! you can finally order again our famous pie and you can have it whole or half at a special price just ordering it two days prior your pick up =)

But the news are not over yet, from now on we are happy to announce the “MAKE YOUR OWN PASTA” project. We’ll give you the fresh ingredients and you can use them as you like =)

Call us or swing by the door for more info or to place your orders

We are OPEN

Staurday and Sunday are special days for us, and for you.

We are happy to remind you all that Cafe Giorgio will be open for Take Away from 12pm to 8pm =)

Ready for an amazing pizza????

Great News!

No, unfortunately the lockdown is not over yet =(, however, we really want to make the best of all your meals. That is why Cafe Giorgio will be open from 12pm to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Come and enjoy a pizza, a salad or our famous lasagna!

We look forward to see you all and to give you a smile behind the mask!

Stay Safe

We are ready

Lock down?! You will feel no difference with our take away! A full menu to make you taste all our dishes comfortably sitting on your sofa =)


Dear Customers,

Unfortunately Sydney will be lock down from tonight at midnight. However, don’t worry, WE WILL BE OPEN FOR TAKE AWAY with the following trading hours (MONDAY INCLUDED):

5PM-8PM: let’s have pizzas and some tasty dishes to have while chilling on your couch.


Stay strong Sydney!

Cafe Giorgio Staff