New delivery menu

Due to your wonderful feedback, Café Giorgio is trying to be even more close to its amazing loyal costumers.

From tonight you’ll find a new take away deal with the quality that is our signature feature since day one.


Wine lovers

From “la bella Verona” we are happy to present the new entries of our wine list:

Castel Forte AMARONE della Valpolicella


Castel Forte Valpolicella Superiore

Something salty and something sweet..

If you are the kind of person that loves contrast, this might be the perfect dish for you. Slices of our amazing prosciutto with some juicy and sweet figs on the top, for those who loves all the contrast of life.

Bresaola passion

From today, you’ll be able to find on our menu the amazing Bresaola Salad with spinach, radicchio, pistachio and balsamic reduction.

Fresh and tasty for real beef lovers,


What’s new at Giorgio’s

Are you looking for something new to taste, you are in the right place!

For those who are greens addicted we have the new

Zucchini salad with mushrooms, parmesan and anchovy dressing,

And for the others with a sweet tooth come an taste the new

Fig tart, with almond marzapane, raspberry jam and vanilla gelato

…impossible to resist